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December 11, 2012
ASH Part 2: New Treatments for CLL

December 11, 2012
ASH Part 1: The Evolving Landscape of Myeloma Treatments

December 10, 2012
CLDX: Statistically Significant Overall Survival An Upside Surprise

December 4, 2012
GSK: The Pipeline Story

November 14, 2012
The Three-Dimensional Evolution of HCV Therapy

November 12, 2012
MDVN: Astellas' Xtandi Guidance Could be Ambitious

November 9, 2012
NOVOB.DC/SAN.FP: The Winner Is...Lantus

November 9, 2012
NVS: Not Every Innovative New Drug Will Be A Commercial Success Like Gleevec

November 2, 2012
CLDX: San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Could Confirm CDX-011 as A Promising Drug

November 2, 2012
INCY: Doctors Are Finally Becoming Price-Sensitive

November 1, 2012
GSK: The Art of Glass Half-Full

October 31, 2012
BAYN.GR: Xarelto Reaches an Inflection Point

October 31, 2012
ARRY: The Profile of ARRY-520 Could Come into Focus at ASH

October 31, 2012
NOVOB.DC: The Cardiovascular Risks of Tresiba- It's Not About Approvability, But Marketability

October 30, 20112
UCB.BB: 2012 A Year of New Product Growth, 2013 A Year of R&D Catalysts

October 26, 2012
MRK: Merck is Having a Disaster- Free Year, Which is a Rarity Among US Pharma

October 26, 2012
AZN.LN: Can Salvage Therapy Save AstraZeneca?

October 25, 2012
NOVOB.DC/SAN.FP: A Change in Dynamics

October 25, 2012
CELG: Will Abraxane, Pomalidomide and Apremilast Take Up the SLack from Revlimid?

October 25, 2012
BMY: Struggling to Prevent Stalled Momentum from Turning into Negative Momentum

October 24, 2012
LLY: Stratify the Risks in Lilly's Late State Pipeline

October 24, 2012
UTHR: The Lonely Life of a One-Trick Pony

October 24, 2012
GILD: What if The Hep C Market Is A Fraction of Expectations?

October 19, 2012
NOVOB.DC: CHMP Recommendation and Japanese Approval of Tresiba Should Alleviate Anxiety over FDA Panel

October 16, 2012
LLY: Ramucirumab's Success in Gastric Cancer Could be Harbinger of a Very Big Drug

October 15, 2012
"Beyond the Earnings" Preview

October 9, 2012
LLY: The Premature Optimism Over Solanezumab

October 5, 2012
EASD Part 2: SGLT, GLP-1

October 4, 2012
EASD Part 1: First Peeks into a Number of Diabetes Drugs Deep in Pharma's Pipeline

October 2, 2012
ESMO Part 2: Challenge to MDV3100, Duration of Herceptin Adjuvant

October 1, 2012
ESMO Part 1: Targeted Terapies for Lung Cancer, MEK/BRAF Inhibitors for Melanoma, Outrage Over Revlimid

September 27,2012
ACHN/ARRY/CLDX: A Trio of Small-Cap Picks

September 13, 2012
SAN.FP: Can Aubagio Follow the Path of Copaxone?

September 6, 2012
ROG.VX: Just Perjeta and T-DM1 For Now

September 5, 2012
ERS Part 2: COPD and IPF

September 4, 2012
ERS Part 1: Asthma and Cystic Fibrosis

August 27, 2012
LLY: The Good News Is That Solanezumab Is Out Of The Way For Now

August 14, 2012
ARRY: A Maturing Pipeline and A Better Told Story

August 10, 2012
CLDX: A Look at the Breadth of Celldex's Pipeline

August 9, 2012
NOVOB.DC: IDegLira Data Allow Novo To Put A Stake in The Ground

August 9, 2012
AMGN: AMG-479's Demise Demonstrates the Futility of Bucking Science

August 8, 2012
ACHN: Made It to The Quarterfinals

August 2, 2012
ARIA: As Ponatinib Becomes More Real, Ariad Becomes More Real as a Company

August 2, 2012
ROG.VX: Subcutaneous Herceptin and Rituxan May be at Risk

August 2, 2012
BMY: Oops...

August 1, 2012
UCB.BB: To Worry About UCB's R&D Expenses Is Penny Wise Pound Foolish

July 31, 2012
PFE: How Much Could ORAL START Help Resuscitate Tofacitinib?

July 31, 2012
BAYN.GR: Crop Science is Additional Non-cyclical Hedge

July 27,2012
MRK: Could Either Odanacatib or Suvorexant be a Singulair?

July 27, 2012
GILD: The Grand Plan Forward for GS7977

July 27, 2012
CELG: In Search of a Compelling Investment Case

July 27, 2012
AMGN: Catching the PCSK9 Fever

July 26, 2012
ROG.VX: Perjeta and TDM-1 May Catapult Roche's HER2 Franchise over CHF 12 Billion

July 26, 2012
SAN.FP: Value Turning Growth

July 26, 2012
BMY: What's Between Here and PD-1?

July 26, 2012
LLY: Immunization Boosts the Health of Lilly's Stock

July 25, 2012
GSK: Ironically, Diversification is What is Keeping GSK Steady in a Changing Operating Enivronment

July 24, 2012
PFE: Fool's Errand

July 23, 2012
ITMN: One Step at a Time

July 19, 2012
NOVN.VX: Afinitor and Seebri, Two Near-Term Opportunities

July 18, 2012
ABT (AbbVie): Pharma Prospects Brighten

July 18, 2012
FRX: Now That The Lexapro Patent Cliff Has Come and Gone

July 13, 2012
"Beyond the Earnings" Preview

July 9, 2012
BAYN.GR/BIIB/NOVOB.DC: Bayer Takes a Shot at Once-Weekly Factor VIII

June 28, 2012
SCOTUS Obamacare Ruling: Companies with Biosimilar Exposure the Clear Losers

June 25, 2012
BMY/PFE: Eliquis Delay Further Validate Our Cautious Stance on Both Stocks

June 21, 2012
CELG: A Wake-Up Call for Market's Complacency on the Growth of Revlimid

June 13, 2012
BIIB: R&D Day - Have Come a Long Way, Yet Got a Long Way to Go

June 12, 2012
ADA Part 2: Insulin, SGLT-2

June 11, 2012
ADA Part 1: New Practice Guidelines, and Incretins/Insulin Combinations

June 5, 2012
ASCO Part 4: Hematologic Malignancies

June 5, 2012
ASCO Part 3: MEK, MET, PI3K, ALK and the Twists

June 4, 2012
ASCO Part 2: PD-1, T-DM1

June 2, 2012
ASCO Part 1: Prostate Cancer

May 24, 2012
CLDX: Striking Breast Cancer Data

May 16, 2012
MRK.GR: Why Do We Have Yet To See A Pharma Company Saving Its Way to Stock Success?

May 9, 2012
PFE: Tofa Passed But Bruised

May 9, 2012
GILD: Review of QUAD FDA Briefing Doc - Cobicistat Could Be Achilles' Heel

May 8, 2012
PFE: FDA's Safety Concerns Over Tofa Raises The Risk Of A Negative Panel Outcome Tomorrow

May 2, 2012
PLX: Carrots Are Good For You

May 1, 2012
ARRY: Novartis's MEK Getting Ahead

May 1, 2012
BIIB: Will Expramipexole Be The Surprise of The Year?

May 1, 2012
PFE: Execution Risks

April 30, 2012
MRK: Suvorexant The Main Catalyst of The Year

April 27, 2012
NOVOB.DC: Awaiting Degludec

April 27, 2012
SAN.FP: Many Moving Parts, Each With Challenges

April 27, 2012
ITMN: It's a Long Haul

April 27, 2012
SHPGY: Vyvanse Data for Binge Eating Disorder Quite Promising

April 27, 2012
GILD: Going It Alone

April 26, 2012
BMY: HCV Doesn't Seem Enough To Drive the Stock

April 26, 2012
INCY: Good Initial Jakafi Sales

April 26, 2012
AZN: Don't You Wish Pharma Companies Could Be like Juice Companies?

April 26, 2012
CELG: The Elephant in The Room everyone Is Trying Not To Acknowledge

April 25, 2012
LLY: Some Upcoming Pipeline Events of Interest

April 25, 2012
GSK/HGSI: The Verbal Sparring Can Back The Parties into Corners

April 25, 2012
NVS: Will Afinitor Be Enough To Carry The Day?

April 25, 2012
AMGN: In Memoriam - George B. Rathmann

April 23, 2012
EASL: Instead of Closing the Games, the Race Has Just Begun

April 19, 2012
GSK/HGSI: GSK's Bid for HGSI Increases Our Positive Disposition on the Chances of Darapladib

April 19, 2012
ABT: Pharma Unit Comes into Focus

April 17, 2012
FRX: What If Forest Generates $10 Billion in Revenue in 2020?

April 16, 2012
"Beyond the Earnings" Preview Part 2 - Biotech and Specialty Pharmaceuticals

April 12, 2012
"Beyond the Earnings" Preview Part 1 - Pharmaceuticals

April 4, 2012
AMGN/UCB.BB: Anti-sclerosin Antibody the Main Hope for Both Companies' Pipelines

March 30, 2012
GSK: The Long March From DPU To Drugs

March 29, 2012
Potential Impact on Drug and Biotech Companies Should Obamacare Fall

March 16, 2012
UCB.BB: Ready To Be Discovered

March 15, 2012
ITMN: G-BA Decision is Harbinger that Ultimately Esbriet Will be Reimbursed Across the EU

March 13, 2012

March 6th, 2012
MRK.GR: Pharma Unit Badly Needs New Drugs

March 6th, 2012
ONTY: The Wait Continues

February 29, 2012
BAYN.GR: What's Real and What's Not Among Bayer's 4 New Drugs

February 28, 2012
ARIA: The Market Dynamics Awaiting Ponatinib

February 22, 2012
FRX: FDA Briefing Doc on Aclidinium - Small Safety Database is Achilles' Heel

February 17, 2012
GILD: The News of Other HCV Drugs' Death Turned Out Premature

February 8, 2012
GSK: The Ills of Third-Party Payer Systems

February 6, 2012
Forward Looking From ASCO-GU

February 3, 2012
NOVOB.DC: What's Going On in China?

February 3, 2012
MRK: Still Rely on Januvia to Carry the Day

February 3, 2012
GILD: Don't Let Noise Ruin a Good Story

February 2, 2012
AZN.LN: Strategy is No Substitute for Selling and Developing Drugs

February 2, 2012
ROG.VX: Roche is Smart to Target Illumina for Acquisition

February 1, 2012
MDVN: 0.6% Seizure Rate with MDV3100 Entirely Acceptable

January 31, 2012
PFE: How Will the Trio Determine the Direction of Pfizer's Stock This Year?

January 31, 2012
LLY: Alzheimer's Drug is the Wrong Reason to Own Lilly

January 31, 2012
BIIB: Sometimes One Can Just Sit Tight and Wait for Competitors to Fail

January 27, 2012
AMGN: The Imperative for This Outpost to Look Outward

January 27, 2012
CELG: A Balanced View on the Future of Revlimid

January 26, 2012
BMY: HCV Pipeline Will be Focus in 2012

January 26, 2012
ABT: Possible Surprises From Pharma Pipeline

January 25, 2012
NOVN.VX: Cracks in the Foundation of Novartis's Investment Thesis

January 19, 2012
BMY/AZN: Is it Worth it to Throw Good Money After Bad?

January 17, 2012
FRX: From a Pipeline Stock to a Launch Stock

January 17, 2012
CLDX: Breast Cancer Data Could Catapult CDX-011 into the League of Herceptin

January 9, 2012
BMY: Must Have It...Or Must It?

January 5, 2012
ITMN: Encouraging Signs of a Successful Esbriet Launch in Europe

January 5, 2012
DNDN: Let the Numbers Speak for Themselves

December 20, 2011
SAN.FP: Though a Weak Drug, Teriflunomide is Now Approvable

December 13, 2011
Reflections From ASH 3: Lymphoma & CLL - Sideways and Left Field

December 13, 2011
Reflections From ASH 2: Myeloma - Status Quo and Potential Upset to the Status Quo Elotuzumab to Myeloma Could Be What Rituxan is to NHL (BMY)

December 13, 2011
Reflections From ASH 1: CML - Is the Party Hitting a Lull?

December 9, 2011
ROG.VX: Pertuzumab a Model for Product Cycle Extension

December 8, 2011
SAN.FP: The Smoldering Fear of Lantus Cancer Risk

November 21, 2011
GILD: Pharmasset Acquisition Expesnive, but Keeps GILD in the Game

November 21, 2011
ARRY: Occupying a Large Swath of the MEK Real Estate

November 11, 2011
MRK: Pipeline Appraisal

November 9, 2011
HGSI: No Hurry to Bottom Fish

November 7, 2011
PFE: The Different Paths for Tofa

November 4, 2011
ITMN: A Case of Confidence

November 4, 2011
SAN.FP: The Prospects for Sanofi's late Stage Pipeline Are up in the Air

November 3, 2011
MDVN: It makes Sense for Astellas to Buy MDVN

November 3, 2011
DNDN: The Art of Living in a Glass house is Not to Shine Bright Lights

November 1, 2011
PFE: The Variability of Variables

October 28,2011
BIIB: Problem of the Rich

October 28, 2011
MRK: Hope Merck Can Pull Something Out of Its Sleeve on November 10th

October 28, 2011
GILD: A Stroke of Brilliance

October 27, 2011
CELG/INCY/VPHM/:Thoughts from Today's Earnings Calls

October 27, 2011
NOVOB.DC/BMY/AZN.LN/BAYN.GR: Thoughts from Today's Earnings Calls

October 27, 2011
GSK: 2012 Shaping Up to Be a Year of Darapladib

October 26, 2011
MRK.GR: The Long View

October 26, 2011
HGSI: Woe Be to Product Launchers

October 25, 2011
NOVN.VX: The Plus Column and the Minus Column

October 25, 2011
AMGN: Betting on Its Own Pipeline

October 24, 2011
The Post-ECTRIMS World Order of MS Therapies

October 20, 2011
LLY: Will Next 2 Quarters Make a Bottom?

October 19, 2011
FRX: Putting the Pieces Together

October 13, 2011
ROG.VX: Cross Currents From the Quarterly Call

October 13, 2011
"Beyond the Earnings" Preview Part 3 - US and European Pharma

October 11, 2011
"Beyond the Earnings" Preview Part 2 - Small and Mid-Cap Therapeutic Companies

October 6, 2011
CELG: Article 20 Resolution Lifts an Overhang on the Stock

October 5, 2011
"Beyond the Earnings" Preview Part 1 - Large Cap Biotech

October 4, 2011
A Long View on HCV

September 27, 2011
Reflections From ECCO-ESMO 3: Diamonds and Dust

September 26, 2011
Reflections From ECCO-ESMO 2: Live Longer and Live Well

September 25, 2011
Reflections From ECCO-ESMO 1: Something Old, Something New and Something Rare

September 13, 2011
BIIB/NOVOB.DC/BAYN.GR: The Battle For Long-Acting Hemophilia Factors

September 8, 2011
DNDN/MDVN/OGXI: The Three Musketeers of Prostate

September 8, 2011
PFE: JAK in a Box

September 2, 2011
AZN.LN: SATURN Miss Gives Managed Care Formularies Fodder